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Dear all,


one of the definitely nicest features of the Service Pack 1 for SharePoint Server 2010 is the ability to restore single sites, which wasn’t possible before.


Procedure for restoring a site pre-SP1:

  • Restore entire farm from backup.


Drawbacks: Time consuming, costly. Most of the times not performed at all.


Procedure for restoring a site post-SP1:

  • Ensure user is a site collection administrator
  • Go to Site Actions –> Site Actions
  • Click Site Collection Administration
  • Click Recylce Bin
  • Check the site you want to restore and click Restore.


Quick and simple, isn’t it?


In Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 w/ SP1, a deleted site is not permanently deleted, but moved to the 2nd stage Recycle Bin. The default setting for automatic deletion is 30 days – however, this is modifyable. You can see how to do these changes here:




Restoring whole Site Collections:


You can use the following PowerShell cmdlets to restore, delete or view deleted site collections:




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Hello all,

Following scenario: Let’s assume we have a MOSS 2007 site containing some pages. Furthermore, let’s assume we want to create a site template out of this exisiting site. In fact, it is possible to save it, but the option is a bit hidden.

Assuming, we have the following site:


And we want to save this site as a template (.stp) for reuse, then, unfortunately, there is no link or option in the “Site Settings” for fulfilling this need. But we can do the following:

Append “_layouts/savetmpl.aspx” to the URL of our site, and voilà: The Save template page will open, giving us the opportunity to save the current site as a template.  In the above case, this means the URL would have to look like:


Which brings us to the following mask:


Figure 1: The “Save Site as Template” mask

After that, you can comfortably access the newly created site template under

Site Settings –> Modify All Site Settings –> (Column: Galleries:) Site Templates.

If the latter menu point doesn’t show up, be sure you are in the top level site settings (otherwise go there using “Go to top level site settings”)

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