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Dear all,

During a few tryouts (and after a successful set-up of the SP 2010 Server), I went for the creation of the first web application – but no: after navigating to the Central Administration | Application Management | Manage Web Applications, I found myself with an all-greyed-out line of buttons in the “Web Application” ribbon. Now, according to forums, it turned out there are multiple (possible) sources which could cause this result (among them: not being an administrator, not being member of the farm administrator’s group, etc.). I checked these possibilities, and they were fine.


In this case, I just had to navigate to Control Panel | Change User Account Control Settings and change it to “Never notify”.



Fig. 1 The changed UAC


A restart of the server VM did the trick, and eventually the “Web Application” ribbon would show up as in the screenshot of Fig.2:




Fig. 2: After setting UAC to “Never notify”



Finally, the “New” button got activated and would allow for the creation of new SP 2010 – Web-Applications!

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