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Hi folks,

While working through my current SP2010 lecture, I found an exercise which explained how to set up a document center and how to establish a connection to a web site. The goal of this set up? Simple: When working with a web application and working on documents, at a certain point you may want to have this information centralized. And here comes the document center into play. You can use it as a central access point for your documents without really caring how to upload and complete you document library there. In the end, while working in your web application, the “Send To” context menu of a document should contain an entry for sending the document to the document center. That’s all – simple but effective.

The exercise showed how to create a document center (just create a new site collection and select under “Enterprise” the “Document Center” template). So far, so good. The explanation went further and explained the need of setting up a “Send To” connection  (from the side of the web application). So far, everything made sense. As suggested, in Central Administration I went to “General Application Settings” | “Configure send to connection”. There, I had to choose the web application (http://sp2010:25001), specify a display name, and, most important, define the Send To URL. Which one to choose? I knew the URL of the document center, but this wasn’t verified as a valid URL. A bit of browsing on the internet told me that I should append _vti_bin/officialfile.asmx as a default to the URL.



After confirming, surprisingly I received the following error message:




Still not valid? Something must have been missing. So back to searching, and finally I could find it. After choosing the document center web application, choosing “Site Actions” | “Site Settings” | “Manage Site Features”, I arrived at the following mask:




There, I needed to activate the Content Organizer Feature – done! Now, one  could expect I needed to verify that the feature was really enabled. Still being in the document center, under “Site Administration”, there was the “Content Organizer Settings” menu entry enabled.




A click on it revealed a mask where different options could be set – but most important: The Web service URL I needed!




A little copy & paste, and the job was done! I hopped back to step 1 and set up the “send to connection” using the now valid URL. It worked.




As you can see in the screen above, in the web application containing the send to connection, the new “Doc Connection Center” is available and ready for use!


Stay tuned till the next time!

Best regards,


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