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just a quick one this time:


How do we connect a server to an existing configuration database? Simply by issuing the psconfig.exe command:


psconfig.exe -cmd configdb -connect -server <Server_name> -database <Database_name>


Please note that this will disconnect the server from the farm it is currently connected to!


Similarly, you can explicitly disconnect a server from a farm:


psconfig.exe -cmd configdb -disconnect -server <Server_name>


Moreover, you can:


  • Provision the Services (handy in case of unresolvable service application errors)
  • Provision the Central Administration (handy in case of unresolvable CA errors)
  • Resume a failed upgrade
  • Repair SharePoint 2010 installations


The repair is also quite simple:

psconfig.exe –cmd setup /repair

Afterwards, depending on your deployment, choose one of the following:


  • Case 1: Single Server Deployment: run psconfig.exe –cmd setup
  • Case 2: Farm Deployment: Run the Products Configuration Wizard


The psconfig tool is really a bit of an SP2010 administrator’s (configuration) army knife. You can check out its full capabilities here




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