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Let’s rename the Internet of Things! #letsrenametheIOT

Why? Because it’s an old-fashioned buzzword!

Read more here: The “Internet of Things” sounds just stupid.

More on my new blog JACKED IN.

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Dear readers,

I have decided to discontinue this blog and not further publish posts on SharePoint. Thank you for more than 160,000 visits!

I am now writing a blog on algorithms and science, which is hosted at http://www.scilogs.com The blog is called Algoworld:

Algoworld is all about algorithms, mathematical and computer models and how they influence and shape our daily lives. They are either inspired by science, or they are aiding it.
The models and algorithms you will find here deal with the prediction of hurricanes, earthquakes, health and crime (and many more to come!), but also with solving engineering problems like traffic jam optimization. Many of these algorithms are strongly interwoven with the analysis of scientific “big data” – hence they are also facing its implied problems.

You can find it here: Algoworld – algorithms meet science.

I hope to see you there!

Best wishes,
Martin W. Angler

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Dear all,


a recent study of AIIM has revealed a few interesting statistics about the adoption of SharePoint 2010 for Enterprise Content Management, among the following, in my opinion most interesting ones:


  • 70% of 5000+ employees sized firms: Already implemented SP
  • 30% of 10-500 employees sized firms: No intention to implement SP
  • 13% are first-time SP2010 users
  • 27% performed an upgrade from MOSS 2007 -> SP2010
  • 49% plan to integrate SP w/ their existing or new ECM
  • 4% throw away existing ECMs to replace them with SP2010


While 76% of the participating companies are from the US, an estimated 18% are from Europe.


Here’s the statistics about which SharePoint versions are spread:


  • 6%: SharePoint 2010 production system
  • 13%: SharePoint 2003 production system
  • 36%: MOSS 2007 production system


… which was expectable: Most of the hitherto known installations are still on 2007. However, I’d expect number of SP2010 production systems to increase in the next months and years, while existing MOSS 2007 production systems would decrease. After all, it is some effort to upgrade from MOSS 2007 -> SharePoint 2010, but certainly it is worth the effort, as SP2010 is offering some nice additional functionality, such as the integrated PerformancePoint Services.


Many different industry sectors were participating in the surveys which lead to the above statistics, among them government, social businesses, . The total number of participating companies is 583.


What is really interesting to see is that the main business driver for adopting an ECM at all is the improvement of communication, namely an „Increased collaboration within and between teams“ (60% of the companies named this reason).


Most Frequently Used Features of ECM Systems

Moreover, the most frequently used features of ECM systems are concurrent document editing and wikis (58%) and blogs (53%). Another indicator that companies do value the inter-communication and knowledge sharing of their staff.


Let’s see how long it takes for smaller companies to recognize this value. After all, there are free editions of ECM systems, one of them being SharePoint Foundation 2010.


Stay tuned till next time!


Best regards,


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