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Howdy guys,

It’s time for a new trouble report. It is a minor issue, but getting behind it was not trivial (in fact, I got there by chance 😉 ).

So, we had the following problem: When creating a page which was using a page layout with pre-added WebParts, it would throw an exception everytime we were trying to access that page, stating:


Cannot complete this Action.


Not much information, is it? Also, the stack trace did not really provide any helpful points for resolving the issue.

So, the next step clearly was to investigate the page layout in question. Using SP Designer 2007 I accessed the page layout and looked through the corresponding aspx.



Oh, wonder! I found two (different) webparts with the same id! Actually, this was the cause for the exception.


Solution: I just replaced the trailing “1” of AnotherWebPart’s id with a “2” (manually). And make sure the id you are giving won’t interfere with another existing web part (in our case, “YetAnotherWebPart’s id”).


I am aware there are multiple causes for the exception “Cannot complete this action.” – but if your pages show the same symptoms (exception occurs when trying to access the page with a specific layout, layout containing various webparts), then you might give it a shot!

Best regards and stay tuned till the next time!


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Howdy folks,

Me again. While working with MOSS 2007. Today I encountered a strange problem:

After I removed all pages referencing an existing page layout (in the masterpage gallery), I went on to delete that page layout. However, MOSS issued the following error message:

This item cannot be deleted because it is still referenced by other pages


I just deleted all the referencing pages.

Google quickly pointed out a Microsoft article that suggested there is a bug, and offering also a workaround. The workaround basically consisted in setting the page layout’s visibility to hidden, to re-publish and approve it. Short and sweet: It did not work (in my case).

So I looked around and found another solution, which eventually did the trick:

  1. Using SP Designer 2007, create a folder in the directory where the page layout resides.
  2. Move the page layout to that folder.
  3. Delete the folder you created in Step 1.

This should get you going, at least for me it did the trick!



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