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Dear all,

During a few tryouts (and after a successful set-up of the SP 2010 Server), I went for the creation of the first web application – but no: after navigating to the Central Administration | Application Management | Manage Web Applications, I found myself with an all-greyed-out line of buttons in the “Web Application” ribbon. Now, according to forums, it turned out there are multiple (possible) sources which could cause this result (among them: not being an administrator, not being member of the farm administrator’s group, etc.). I checked these possibilities, and they were fine.


In this case, I just had to navigate to Control Panel | Change User Account Control Settings and change it to “Never notify”.



Fig. 1 The changed UAC


A restart of the server VM did the trick, and eventually the “Web Application” ribbon would show up as in the screenshot of Fig.2:




Fig. 2: After setting UAC to “Never notify”



Finally, the “New” button got activated and would allow for the creation of new SP 2010 – Web-Applications!

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Hi all,

I just put onto the Visual Studio Gallery the new version 1.2 of WADA. Mostly, I tried to fix some stability issues when querying the processes after W3WPs crash or an IISRESET occurs.


  • WADA 1.1: IISRESET –> “Get Procs” –> No results –> Restart VS 2010
  • WADA 1.2: IISRESET –> Refresh Webapp –> “Get Procs” –> Results

This means, if you execute an IISRESET, the worker processes end, and in order to make them run again you should refresh the web application you are testing (this will issue a new W3WP process). Then, just click on “Get Procs” in order to visualize the processes again. This should fix the problem of the annoying VS restart when wanting to see the processes again in WADA.



Fig.1 Multiple selection of processes


Attaching improvements

Now, there is also the possibility to attach to multiple processes, by simply clicking on each of the desired and then pressing “Attach”.

If you want to simply attach one process, just double click on that process, and the attach will be performed.


Planned future improvements

– Remote debugging

– <your improvement suggestion here>


Thank you all for your suggestions and valuable feedback, and keep sending more of it! This project isn’t finished, yet, and feedback/suggestions are always welcome.


Best regards,


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